Services overview

Icon creation
We offer the largest set of iPhone tab bar icons and Android icons. If your app requieres an extra icon, just describe and request that with the icon request form at the right-hand side.

Application icons

We have created several program icons, like that for the 2d barcode reader ZXing. If you need an extra icon, just contact us for further information.

Style guide & GUI elements creation

We work out complete style guides and create the neccessary GUI elements for your grafical user interface. Please send us a description of your requirements.

Polish your app with an individually designed icon.

The app icon is the user's first experience of your app. Make your customer feel welcome!

In order to create an icon fitting your app and services, please submit as much informartion as possible on your app design, topic, target audience and corporate design rules. If you already have screenhots available, enclose them as well.


Didn't find your icon?

Just request your icon below. If possible, we will create and add your request to iPhone tab bar icon collection and Android icon collection - at no additional cost!

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Buy app icon

We create an individual icon for your app.
Send us your app details (topic, audience, design elements, screenshots or corporate design rules) via email to . We contact you with payment information in return quickly. You will receive the icon within one week.
Icon creation is offered at a fixed price of 105,- €.