iOS: tab bar icons for iPhone/iPad apps

How many files do I get for each icon in the iOS set?
Each icon of the iOS icon tab bar collection comes in 2 PNG files. One for the classic resolution (30x30 px) and one for retina resolution (60x60 px) incorporating the @2x naming convention. That's why this set contains 2 x 588 icons = 1176 files.

What about file type, transparency and gradient effects?
Each icon comes as a PNG file format with transparency. Gradient effects and blue colorization for selected mode will be added by the iPhone and iPad automatically.

iPhone tab bar and iPad tab bar are often used for navigation within the app.

How can I set a custom color for iPhone tab bar icon?
iOS5 introduced the UIAppearance Protocol. By this, you may easily customize your tab bar icons with any color you want.
Sample code:

// check, wether iphone/ ipad runs iOS5 or greater
BOOL isIOS5 = [[[UIDevice currentDevice] systemVersion] floatValue] > 4.31;
if ( isIOS5 ) {

// set custom tint color for tabbar icons
[[UITabBar appearance] setSelectedImageTintColor:[[Customizations alloc] [UIColor redcolor]]];


// code for iOS4.3 and lower


The resulting tab bar looks like this:

Android: menu icons and tab icons

Which kind of Android icons do you deliver with your set?
Our Android icon collection covers 2 kinds of icons: menu icons and tab icons. Each picture comes as a menu icon and as an extra tab icon version. Menu icons and tab icons differ from each other.

example of android tab icons and menu icons by iconsBerlin

android app tab icons and menu icons

How many files do I get for each icon in the Android set?
Menu icons appear in 3 different sizes, but only have 1 status. The icon itself is used in grey color only and shaddow effect. See image below for details on sizes and status. Thats why you get 3 x 558 menu icons = 1674 menu icon files in PNG format.

Tab icons are used in 2 different modes: selected and unselected mode and each in 3 different sizes. The icon itself is used in white or in grey color and shaddow effects. See image below for details on sizes and status. Further tab icons come as v5 versions. Thats why you get 12 x 558 tab icons = 6696 tab icon files in PNG format.

overview on tab icons and menu icons of Android apps
Black and colored backgrounds are added by the Android application.

Master Collection: the ultimate icon set for both platforms - iOS & Android

How many files do I get for each icon in the Master Collection set?

Each iOS icon comes in 2 PNG files, each Android tab icon comes in 12 PNG files and each Android menu icon comes in 3 PNG files. See description and images above.

How can these icons be used as bookmark icons for mobile web pages?
Not directly. Due to included transparancies, you will have to set background color. Then you may include these icon with the following code within your web page's head section:
<link rel="apple-touch-icon-precomposed" href="" />
Please note that Android requires an absolute URL.

There are more iOS icons than Android icons. Why?
The Android icons don't support any color gradients. If an icon does not work visually, we leave it out of the collection. That is why there are slightly more iOS icons.

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